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1. What would Physical Therapy do for me?

Physical Therapy will provide you information about your condition, how to recover from your pain, how to improve your function and health as well as provide you tools to minimize or prevent a reoccurrence.

2. What can I expect from treatment?

Your physical therapist will assess your progress at each visit. Treatment is based on the changes you have made. Treatment typically consists of hands-on treatment as well as instruction review/modification of your home exercise program.

3. How many visits will I need?

The number of visits is dependent on your problem(s): how long you have had the condition and how well you comply with your home program. Most patients are seen two times a week for two – four weeks followed by one time a week for two – four weeks.

4. Do you file insurance?

We will file your insurance claims as a service to you. Filing to your insurance company is not a guarantee of payment. You will need to pay your co-pay at each visit and any balance not covered by your insurance company.

5. My insurance policy does not require a referral, do I still need one?

Georgia law requires that we have a request for services from a medical doctor to treat you.

6. What are the fees for visits if I don't have insurance? 

The initial session is $175. Follow up treatments average $130.

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